Last Updated: 25th September 2005


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What is the currency on your website?

All prices on this website are in UK pounds (). Any prices in US dollars ($) are given as a guide only.

How do I find out how much prices are in my currency?

You can use The Universal Currency Converter to convert the prices on our website into your currency.

Will you let me know if you find a certain pony?

If you are looking for a certain pony we'd love to know what it is. Please use the request link on the left. Whilst we will try to let you know if we find it you might want to join our mailing list (link to the right) to be on the safe side.

What does it means when an item is on "hold"?

If an item has this icons next to it () then it has been ordered by someone and we're waiting for them to send payment. These items do not usually become available again. However, if you're interested in something that is on "hold" feel free to let us know and we will contact you if it does go back up for sale.

Do you sell Internationally?
Yes! We will send items to anywhere the postal service will deliver to. Please feel free to email us if you'd like a postage quote. Postage charts can also be found on our ordering information page.

Do you accept credit/debit cards?
Yes! We accept all major credit and debit cards through Paypal is a free service and is available internationally. You can still choose to pay via Paypal if you're not a member. You'll be sent an email with full instructions on how to pay once you've placed your order.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!Visa MasterCard Discover American Express eCheck Switch Debit Cards Solo Debit Cards

I'd like to send an International Money Order. How should I go about this?

International Money Orders can be bought from your local Bank or Post Office. Please take extra special care that you are buying the right kind of money order. It must be made out in 's (UK money). It should also be drawn from a UK bank or building society (for example, Alliance and Leicester).

Money orders that do not meet this specification will be returned and your goods will not be dispatched unless a suitable method of payment is sent as a replacement.

I would like to pay you using cash but I'm a bit worried about sending it through the mail. What would you suggest?

Consider using an alternative method. If you must send cash please conceal it well in a bit of paper and make sure it cannot be seen (or heard!) through the envelope you use. We regret that cash is sent at the senders own risk.

I'd like to pay in a currency other than UK 's. How should I go about this?

Please state when ordering the currency you'd like to send so we can work out your total.
If you are paying via Paypal you will always be billed in UK s. This will be converted into your currency by your bank automatically.

Are you going to be updating your site soon?

Yes! We update nearly every day with new stock. If you would like to know about the new ponies we're adding to our site please join our mailing list. Follow the link to the right.

What is your My Little Pony mailing list?

We set up the list to let people know when MLPUK was updated with new ponies but it has now grown to include other features. By joining the list not only do you know as soon as we have found new ponies but you also get the oppertunity to buy before they are listed on the site. If you'd like to join please use the link to the right. It is, of course, totally free and you can easily opt out at any time.

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